Boarding Time

So here I am at the San Francisco International airport at gate A9 Korean Air and waiting for my boarding time.

San Francisco International Airport. Feb 6, 2017
San Francisco International Airport. Feb 6, 2017

Boarding time.  That now has a deeper meaning for me.  I am boarding onto this ride of my lifetime.  As with any boarding time anxieties, you can’t help but think if your flight will be a safe and smooth ride, with no turbulence.  Or an even worse thought, you hope there will be no terrorist activity.

This journey of mine carries pre-boarding anxieties as well.  You can’t help think if this is truly something that I should be doing, the equivalent difficulties of life turbulence and even worse, what if I fail?

I come back to the thought that what do I have to worry about in failing?  Who is grading me?  I’m only putting this unnecessary worry on myself.  But is that a way to live life if I don’t give myself a goal to target?  You also can’t live life being wishy washy.  That does not serve you anything.

However, here I am and about to embark on this journey.  I have to remember my theme for this trip.  Finding the True North, my True North.  This has started out as a search for my sister.  After so many years, what can I really expect from this venture.  So many holes and so many uncertain things.  You have a semblance of a plan and that will serve as a guide but yet can’t help feeling anxious.  There I go again with grading myself.

Again, this is to start as a search for my sister but I suspect that I will find much more than her.  The True North will be revealed.



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  1. Steve says:

    A journey to find your self is alway always “the right thing” to be doing.

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