Edwina - HS grad pic
Ma. Edwina T. Rosales 1980 Phlippines Science Highschool

Maria Edwina Tabucanon Rosales.   The daughter of Godofredo V. Rosales, Sr. and Rosalita Tabucanon Rosales.  The middle child with Godofredo T. Rosales, Jr. (Jun) as the eldest and Marife Rosales (me – Fe) as the youngest.   She is 4’11” tall (yes shorter than me) but definitely not the shortest in brain power.  She is in fact the smartest and the most studious of the 3 of us.

She is the “who” of this crazy search of mine.

I’d like to give you a little frame in mind about her through what my eyes and what I know of her (at least from what I can recall).  Memory is such a tricky thing but I’ll do my best in recalling.

Besides her name, who the heck is she?  Well, she is my sister.  The word sister alone is a meaningful thing.  We are years apart in age and as any sisters would, we would have our disagreements.  However, those disagreements I’m sure mostly were caused by me because I was a small and young thing and she was coming of age at the time.  All I ever wanted to do then was play and well, she had other worries to deal with that a young kid like me does not understand nor care for at that time.  However, I recall that she had a certain fondness for me.  I think no matter how hellish I was, there was a little of a cute factor to it that normally comes with kids’ personalities.  When I was sent up to my room for being “bad”, she would come and entertain me (we shared rooms).  She would try to make me laugh and in her way letting me know that my prison sentence isn’t so bad.

She has been described as a bit “mataray” by some folks which translates to obnoxious or sarcastic but I cannot completely agree with that definition.  In my opinion, she is “mataray” in the good sense of the word.  I think she was just choosy with whom she would let her hair down with.

Here is an excerpt from her high school yearbook from Philippines Science HighSchool (did I already say she is the smartest?).

img_8542Translated to:

answers all jokes about her height with “Nevermind, at least I’m cute!” (Oh, come on) … such small hands (it’s ok, at least it’s cute) … “Besides I’m not the shortest in batch!” (Right, there is still Rowena) … she said, she’s not a gossip … an eager listener to people’s problems (of course, she was a peer councilor) … has perhaps been mis-cast in the cotillon (thankfully she was seen) … a teaser also.



As the middle child she took on the peacemaker role often and although I know she was irritated at times with me, she would always be an advocate for me.

This is not much of a description I realize but I think over time, I will discover or rediscover some other things about her.   I’ve been going through her yearbook and actually restoring it because termites got at it.  Although the way they ate through the hard cover was actually quite artistic.  It almost gives the cover and the pages a bit of a vintage look.  This will take some time in restoring.  This may jog some memory too that may help along the way.

I hope you like this post.  Please leave me comments or a thumbs up so I know how I can continue to form this blog site.

Thanks for reading about Edwina.


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  1. Anna says:

    Fe – I love this! Love learning a little about your sister and your childhood! Keep writing ❤

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