Bulalacao is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to.  Perhaps it’s beauty is heightened by the people that we have come in contact with while we were there.  We stayed there at South Drive Resort that is owned by Chiquita Tano who incidentally was one of the first people we spoke with and that made our trip easier.  The picture below was taken in the early morning right in front of the resort.   For the risk of falling into the standard cliched description of one’s experience at a resort, I daresay that I truly had a relaxing time here just watching the waves roll in. The cottage we stayed at had 3 beds and a nice clean shower and toilet.  Very well maintained and if you miss having a first world hot shower, this place has it.  The staff were quite helpful, genuinely friendly and does not treat you like an outsider.

A few people have been coming here now instead of Boracay.  Boracay has become so commercialized that you would literally see a colorful ocean full of kite surfers, wave runners, etc.  I have never been there myself because I just didn’t have the interest partly because of all the hype and now partly because it is not as clean as I have been told.  The government has not done anything to preserve the cleanliness at the tie and in developing the infrastructure of the town itself.  The beach may be nice but the town is surely as poor as ever.  There wasn’t much done to promote eco-tourism.  It is however getting some attention so hopefully Boracay will not die because of neglect.  CNN Philippines did a segment of this very same issue and the strides of how to have a more sustainable Boracay.  Click here for that CNN segment.

Bulalacao is getting a little bit of hype now but if they do not watch it, it may very well fall into the same fate.  It is such a small town I would hate for it to have the same issues as Boracay.  Heck, they don’t even have a bookstore.  They had one office/school supply store that also sells books but took a lot of walking around before we even found one.  It truly is very provincial but I do like the simplicity of life there.  One of the best things there is that there are no traffic jams.  When you say you’ll be there in 30 minutes, all of that 30 minute drive would be all travel time not like in Manila, the 30 minute allowance you put is because you know that you will run into some medium to heavy traffic  somewhere where 30 minutes would normally just take 15 minutes but you add another 15 in consideration of the jams you will run into.

I would recommend Bulalacao to any of my friends and of course stay at South Drive Resort if you want to get away from the noise around you.  Here you can listen to the waves, finish your book while sipping an umbrella drink (alcoholic or not)!


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