Batbatan Island

Batbatan is another wonderful place I have been to while on this search.  As I mentioned to you in an earlier post, we chanced upon this island from a lead from a seer that said that my sister is alive and is living in this island.  Even though this was further from where the accident happened, there is still that slim chance, so why not pursue it?  Isn’t that why I am doing this to begin with?  I will go through this with no stones unturned because hindsight can be so ironic.  In my twilight years, I would rather say that I explored something than say I should’ve done that.  I would like to say I came and I conquered!

Batbatan is part of Culasi, Antique (Pronunciation: /ɑːnˈtiːkɛ/) and is about a 1 1/2 hour boat ride from the mainland.  The waves getting here can be very choppy so prepare yourself for a little rough ride and ensure you are dressed properly and use a ton of sunblock otherwise you will get a severe sunburn like I did.  I am still recovering from that!  My skin tone has changed considerably that I was a bit unrecognizable by people I know back in Odelco.  In fact, one commented that I have “matured” (aka looking old).  There you go Amanda Caballero Worley, I told you I was old!

This is a virgin island with a nice sandbar.  It is not quite developed yet judging from the entrance to the town.  Their main crop is seaweed.  You can see some being dried lining up and down the shore.  I could even imagine myself living here if only it weren’t that far from the mainland.  Perhaps if I do, I can finally learn how to swim well and get over my fear of drowning, which of in itself ironic because I am drawn to water as if I have this internal voice calling out to me.  I can sit and stare at the waves coming in hours on end.  If given a choice where I would want to remotely live, I would choose to be by water (particularly the ocean) over living on top a mountain.

As it turns out, we will be going back to Batbatan since one of the information we were tracking down is leading us back to meet with someone at that island.  Hope is a powerful thing so what have I got to lose in going down that road?  Money perhaps but what is money but something to be earned and spent.  Money is around to sustain us and not the other way around.  Wish me luck that this meeting will bear some fruit.

Until next post, have a great day whatever you may be doing at the time you read this and I recommend that you explore this island sometime.




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  1. Anna says:

    Hi Fe! Your post on Batbatan Island literally gave me chills! I can relate to you when you say…you are drawn to the water! So exciting to hear there is strong belief your sister is alive and possibly living on this island. Stay the course. I’m so proud of you!

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    1. goofeey1 says:

      Thanks Anna. We are on our way back there on May 5-7. Henry will be joining us for that.


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