Volume 1

From my last post if you recall that we headed off into that island again full of hope but to cut to the chase, it wasn’t her.  It wasn’t my sister.

What do people do at the end of a journey.  A closing statement, a tying off of events to be recounted, a simple quiet moment of recollection and the eventual question or questions circling in your head, What Now?  What’s Next?

Deep down I think I had an inkling that it was not her but what do you do with a lead like that, you follow the trail and hope for the best.

So to tie off from my last post, it wasn’t her.  At least not in my gut.  Some people have said that she has Edwina’s eyes.   Somehow I don’t see the connection.  Has it been really that long that I cannot recognize my own sister?  My brother didn’t react but my mom was ready to go as far as adopt her.  Her name is Esther and she claims to recall her childhood and living in Davao.  I can’t argue with that and won’t force the issue.

I can’t help question what are these signals that seers feel and why we were directed there.

So what now?  Do I call this search off?  Do I continue this quest?

I suppose it’s not over until the fat lady sings and I haven’t heard the wailing of a heavy set woman in my horizon.  With that said, I shall call this segment of the search as Volume 1.


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